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First day of the rest of my LiveJournal

 It's a beautiful sunny morning in Sherwood.  None of the neighbors' children are out playing yet, so I have nothing for target practice... er, I mean, to smile at.  <g>  

Missed the lunar eclipse last night because it was raining, but still have the one from last year vivid in my mind.  
I had to get up at 2.30am and drive a couple of miles to higher ground to see it.  Thought I'd be the only one out and about so I only put a coat on over a t-shirt... was standing like a plonker in slippers peering though binoculars when a car drove past, slowed, stopped, then its reverse lights came on as it backed toward me.  I did the deer in the headlights thing and jumped into my car to quickly drive away.  I felt sorry for the would-be good Samaritan, assuming that was their motive.  But you can't take chances, unfortunately.

Am off to the dentist, lucky me!