Lizzy Blythe-Shannon (lizzyshannon) wrote,
Lizzy Blythe-Shannon

I can use a fork 5 ways to kill a man...

Oh brother!  Was at a formal women's luncheon today and a Floridian female heard my accent and asked, (in total sincerity), "Are you in the IRA?"  

I spluttered and the usual sickening rush of adrenaline shot through me at being reminded pf where I grew up.  Seeing as it was a formal setting, I forced a smile and at a loss for anything else to say, replied, "How about them Blazers?"  

Everyone within earshot laughed uproariously, and I realized that instead of politely changing the subject, I'd unwittingly given them all the impression that I insinuated I might be in the IRA, nudge-nudge, wink-wink.  Which is NOT the case. Good-natured teasing remarks ensued, such as, "We're watching you!" and "Where are you hiding your gun?"

At the center of attention, where I least wanted to be, I went along with the joke and lifted my fork and held it out in front of me.  "I know how to use this in five ways to kill a man," I announced in a stage-Irish accent.  By now I held the entire room of women in amused thrall.  

When conversation moved on my heartbeat returned to normal, and no one was any the wiser how distressed I'd been.  A sense of humor is a wonderful thing to have! :-)
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