March 28th, 2008


Life unfolds at Robin Hill

 Thursday June 23, 0825

This morning started with more excitement than I'd wish.  A neighbor, kindly inquiring after Dad came to the door.  I cannot understand why he can't pick up the damn phone. but there you go.  He's been over before and always seems to manage to time it when I'm in the bath or something.  Anyway, this morning I quickly jumped out of bed to drag on jeans and t-shirt.  When I opened the door, Dad's two labrador
dogs, Sam and Ben, excitedly welcomed him and ran out to snuffle round the yard whilst I gave the neighbor an update on Dad.  In seconds Sam had disappeared.

"Oh, you'd better watch him," advised the neighbor belatedly.  "He runs off."

No shit, I thought in irritation, mentally blaming him.  I grabbed a pair of shoes and took off after Sam.  No luck.  He was gone.

Another morning I would have taken this in stride.   But I have run myself ragged since I got here, what with hiking and caring for those dogs, driving the three-hour round trip daily to the hospital.  Last night I had dinner at my brother's and came home late and tired.  I had hoped for a quiet morning, but of course Murphy's Law does not allow.

Let me say that losing either of those dogs would be the worst thing I could do to Dad.  Since Mum's death a year and a half ago, they've been like gold-dust to him, at first giving him a reason to get out of bed in the morning, and now keeping him constant companion.

I stormed over to the neighbor's house.  When he answered the door I asked him where Sam normally ran to.  He gave me directions to a house in the village where a bitch was in heat, and I took off.  I'd forgotten what it was like to attempt running without a bra on!  Yeouch.  I heard some local workmen fixing a nearby roof guffawing as I trundled by, supporting an ample breast in each hand.

Sure enough, the great slobbering lab was there and bounded happily up to me when I called him.  Resisting the urge to kick him, I put his collar on and escorted him home.  He still doesn't know how much I want to bury my foot in his arse! :-)  I'll tell you what, though:  no walk on Murlough Bay for him today!  I need a rest and I'll be damned if he gets rewarded for buggering off like that.  (I'm so mean.)