August 27th, 2008

WolfSongs Anthology

There and back again

Yes, I'm still around. It's easy to get out of the habit of posting, and I'm always one to keep my cards close to my chest until I have concrete news to share. Too superstitious, I'm afraid! But I finally have something tangible to report: my short story, Navan's Hound was accepted for publication in the Wolfsongs Anthology by Wolfsinger Publications. The editor is our own fair <lj user="shadowhelm">.

Other possible news is that Time Twist, (130,000 science fiction novel) is looking hopeful for being accepted by a small press. Again, I don't want to jinx it, but the editor told me she had "strong interest". I know - doesn't mean diddly squat until I have a contract, but it's a very nice thing to be told. :-)

In the meantime I have 150 pages of the new novel, tentatively entitled, Catriona. At Campcon with <lj user="ramblin_phyl">, <lj user="radcon_bob">,and some new friends, I had a chance to write 10 particularly difficult and complicated pages! It was a blast sitting in the Enterprise Shuttle #1, er, I mean the RV, across from Phyl, with us both tapping away on our keyboards. I kept hoping that some of her genius would transfer to me through the almost-touching laptops!

At camp I learned how to play Horseshoes, a grand American tradition. I was totally crap at it, horseshoes arcing randomly through the air, causing all nearby to scuttle to safety. I then did a rather graceful, (if I say so myself), nosedive into the horseshoe pit, tripping over the big nail in the ground, and got thoroughly dirty!

Highlights included lying like a pride of lions on a tarp at night, watching for space debris and UFO's. The Milky Way looked astounding, and made me wish that my RV truly was a space shuttle. Also, a sweet young man introduced me to Pendleton whiskey... Irish Bushmills had always been my favorite, but not any more.  And <lj user="radcon_bob">'s stew concoctions were wonderful!

An awesome weekend; can't wait to do it again!