September 7th, 2008

WolfSongs Anthology

Party night

Last night some friends came round to meet Lynne, and to celebrate that Time Twist has found a home with Dragon Moon Press.  A very fun evening, with pretty diverse people mingling well.  I only overheard one person attempting to discuss Irish politics with Lynne, so I stepped in brandishing some lethal homemade plum wine, and distracted further upsetting discourse.

</a></font></b></a>ramblin_phyl  came with brother Ed, and the sweetie brought me two candles as a congratulatory gift.  (She knows what I like!)  One was a funky orange with spiderwebs over it, and the other an elegant three-hued, thrice-scented candle in a glass jar.  Then when she was heading out the door to go home, she pulled the pair of earrings she wore from her ears and handed them to me.  As they were dragons in the shape of half-moons, they were absolutely perfect!  I was thrilled. :-)

As people filtered home, we set up my karaoke player for Lynne, as she has a damn good singing voice.   We bellowed the next couple of hours away, then got in the hottub to relax.  This was Lynne's first time in a hottub, and she loved every minute of it.  At two in the morning, one of my neigbors was too inebriated to drive home, so I walked her, wheeling my bicycle so I could ride home afterwards.  It was a surreal and uplifting experience, zipping silently through the warm night, with all the mighty heart of our neighborhood lying still.