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Review of Time Twist

I only just saw this review, which was posted to Amazon.co.uk last August. I don't know the reviewer, 'Famous Name' - but thank you whoever you are! :-) I just had to share this, because of the warm fuzzies it gave me. :-)

FAMOUS NAME (UNITED KINGDOM) - See all my reviews

This review is from: Time Twist (Paperback)

When I first read somewhere that this is a novel consisting of a lot of sex-obsessed aliens, it sounded a little off-putting to me, however; this is refreshingly different, since most Sci-Fi novels deal mainly in 'battles' only, and rarely anything else - and sex is encountered hardly ever at all...

This is the story of 'Catriona' - a woman from the present who gets caught up inadvertently in a 'Time Bubble' and is transported two hundred years into the future. Not only that; but she wakens to find herself aboard a Space Ship too!

I have to admit, that the very first thing that captivated me about this book was its striking and stunningly beautiful artwork - one of the most attractive covers I have ever seen, which immediately 'fires' the imagination. The title helped also, since most of us are captivated by plots to do with 'time' or 'time-travel'.

I LOVED this book almost instantly, because the Reader immediately feels themselves the woman caught up in the plot, in different to that of reading about someone else - I'm not quite sure why this was, but this was how I felt.

'Catriona' makes the best of most situations she finds herself thrown into, which includes being abducted by Aliens; being used as a slave - opportunities to utilise technology that would normally have been well out of her depth - to manipulating sex as a means of survival. From this viewpoint; Readers may find this to be somewhat of a different read than perhaps anything else they may have read in this particular genre before.

There's something for everyone here; including the usual 'hostilities' encountered with traditional Sci-Fi between alien races, relationships, suspense, and with a few mysteries along the way. 'Catriona' is in the thick of the plot too, rather than a 'spectator' which might have been imagined in her circumstances. She is also not tiresomely pre-occupied in getting back to her own time - though naturally this does figure of course, but she becomes more 'accepting' and concerned at making some form of 'new' life she forced to do for herself whilst in the present situation.

If I had a criticism, it would be that part of the plot involving the doubling back on time to rectify certain issues got a little too complex for its own good, and I consequently got lost once or twice, but I seemed to concentrate more on the characters lives, relationships, and who Catriona was ultimately to end up with. There were basically three 'love interests' - two of which were alien, and the Writer very cleverly somehow makes this 'acceptable' to the Reader, and not repulsive or perverse as the idea might suggest.

When I was reaching the end of this read - aware of the last few pages left, I became rather 'melancholic' at the prospect of its ending. Having read quite a few disappointing books of late, this made a refreshing change, and I think that sometime in the future I will probably enjoy reading this book again. (something I rarely do these days - reading books twice)

This book is slightly larger in size than your traditional novel, EXCELLENT quality print and binding, and so though a little more expensive, don't be put off, as it's worth every penny!