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Update on new book

Been a while since I last wrote in this blog. A lot has happened since my return to Oregon in November. I brought back the first draft of the new book that I’d penned during my stay in Northern Ireland, and have been busy fleshing it out, rewriting a couple more drafts. As it’s based on so much real stuff from my life, it’s been an exercise in exorcism, really. Not only am I reliving what happened all those years ago before I immigrated here, I’m now living it with the perspective and wisdom gained during those years. We’re only talking about a few months, actually. From just before a fateful Christmas until the following August. But already those few months have garnered over 125,000 words. I’ll need my editor to help me decide what I need to cut; that’s a hell of a big book!

One thing that has really hit home… there’s no one left to talk about those particular months with. The one who mattered was killed a few years later, and the rest have moved on and out of contact. I’ve been reaching out to a couple of people who were in Northern Ireland at that time. I came across them just by chance when doing research. Apart from having met back then once or twice in key places, that tenuous connection is all we really have in common.

I’m also amazed at how much one can remember... and so vividly. On the opposite side of the spectrum I'm amazed at how much one can forget! All in all, I am feeling very positive about the book. I’m enjoying it immensely, and good things are coming out of it despite the inevitable angst that comes from disturbing some of those forgotten memories.