Lizzy Blythe-Shannon (lizzyshannon) wrote,
Lizzy Blythe-Shannon

Harnessing the Dark Side

I am back in Northern Ireland again. And back to the grindstone without delay: I have three weeks to complete the part of the book that leads up to the finale at Edinburgh Castle. And I have a week to write that on site.

It’s all very exciting! Things are afoot with the book and screenplay, but I am not in a position to talk about any of it, yet. (I know… it’s so annoying when people make leading statements and then don’t elaborate!)

The part I’m working on now is something extremely difficult to write about. I’ve had to pay a visit the ‘dark side’ to dredge it up, and to embellish it so it’s entertaining. But entertaining it will be, dammit!

I'm not complaining, mind you. I enjoy this process very much, and I do like a challenge. :-)

At Ballykinler, County Down
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