Lizzy Blythe-Shannon (lizzyshannon) wrote,
Lizzy Blythe-Shannon

It's a mad, mad, mad, mad house

I’m back from Edinburgh, and have walked into a madhouse! The next door neighbor, who appears to be a self-absorbed pr*&ck (technical term) continues to play his horrendously loud music as he works in his garden. I usually have no problem with people listening to music while they work, but it’s a bit of an imposition when his neighbors can hear it, too.

From a hundred yards away.

In an insulated house made from bricks and mortar...

and double-glazing in all windows and doors…

with their own music turned up…

and wearing earphones!


I try not to get upset about it. He doesn’t do it in the morning or at night, but Dad gets pretty riled up. His method of dealing with it is to switch on a police-type flashing lamp with red and green bulbs that has built-in Christmas carols blasting at full volume. Then he opens up the doors and windows to make sure it’s heard next door. As the neighbor’s music was particularly loud today, Dad also switched on his amplified television at a rap radio station, and periodically set off his personal alarm while standing next to the open window. I have attached a (brief!) video below -- it’s got to be heard to be believed. Not sure how the neighbor will react; we’ll see.

(This is Cooper at the beginning, hiding on his chair from the noise!  And then Dad looking very pleased with himself.)

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