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Dog and a Whoopee Cushion

I spent a very fun and relaxing time this weekend visiting a friend. A welcome oasis from work, although we did do some practical book related research. I learned, amongst other things, some basic electronics. Probably something anybody who did physics already knows, but as I flunked that in my first year at school, all I remember is how to make an electric current flow through water via crocodile clips!

Not really knowing what to bring as a host gift, I opted for a toy for the dog, Baxter. While out shopping earlier in the week I found a small Whoopee Cushion, made especially for dogs to play with, and couldn't wait to see it in action.
I have to say it’s a joy to give a gift that’s really appreciated! Baxter, tail wagging furiously, enthusiastically took it from my hand and raced straight to his bed so he could guard it. He was so adorable, spending most of the weekend doing that in between playing with it. It didn’t matter how often he made it do farting noises; it was hysterical every time. I couldn't get a good video of him in the act, so instead for a laugh just posted
a Youtube video below of another dog actually sitting down on a real Whoopee Cushion.  Our poor pets... what they have to put up with from us!

We watched the movie, Man on a Ledge, which was released in 2012. It got a lot of hype prior to airing on Saturday night, so we thought we were in for something original and entertaining. Sigh. That’s another couple of hours we’ll never get back again! A review from the Chicago Sun-Times summed it up in one sentence: "The movie cuts back and forth between two preposterous plot lines and uses the man on the ledge as a device to pump up the tension."

Mental note to self:  make sure to read reviews ahead of time!  Then I can make an informed decision whether to watch it or not. :-)

Dog sits on a Whoopee Cushion

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