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Yin and Yang

I am once again scrambling to catch up with things, including this blog. And once again have a good excuse as to why I’m behind! All last week I was in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. I will write a separate blog about the trip, including some photos. For now I’m just checking in. You know me, if I waited to write a longer entry, it might never happen!

During my trip, back in the States my dear friend Jay Lake finally lost his battle with cancer. Reading the email from Lisa on my phone, sitting in the late afternoon sunlight as it sparkled on the azure Adriatic, I found it nigh on impossible to believe he had gone. His will to survive was so fierce I thought he might do so through sheer willpower alone. His passing was doubly sad, as another friend was already on my mind… one who was killed in Bosnia in the 90’s. Both of these men had a great zest for life and knew how to live it to the fullest. Both were taken from this world much too young. Their passing presses home to me how very precious and fragile life is.

Yin and Yang. The two opposite principles in nature. How can you truly appreciate one without the other?

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Tags: death, travel
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