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A whole other book....

I'm back from Croatia almost a week. Hard to believe that yesterday a week ago I spent the morning searching for a place other than the hotel pool to swim, and found a tiny isolated cove with no one but shoals of fish to share the Adriatic with. What a glorious experience, having the sea to myself like that!

By comparison, it was drizzly and gray in Northern Ireland yesterday. I found myself feeling a little gloomy, so closed down the computer and headed into the seaside town of Newcastle to do the one thing guaranteed to soothe the troubled female heart: shopping! I came home with some new clothes and a handbag/purse… and feel marvelous!

I had intended to write about my trip to Croatia and Bosnia, but you know something? No one honestly could care less about someone else’s vacation! So I won’t bore you. Anything of particular interest I already posted on my Facebook page. If you’re feeling generous of spirit this weekend, please go there and like the page, pretty please.  I am suffering from like envy. A lot of my compatriots’ pages have a lot more likes than me! (Whine whine whine. I guess we never get out of high school, right?) Click HERE to link there.

What I will say about life in general, is that I have learned more about myself in the past couple of years than I ever thought possible. I mean, we all think we know ourselves, don’t we? Well, I obviously didn’t. Quite honestly, I wonder how the heck I managed to get through life this far without being murdered. I’ve done so many risky things, such as traveling through Africa alone. One day I’ll ‘fess up some of the more outlandish things I’ve done… but that’s a whole other book. ;-)

The view from Mirabela Fortress in Omis, Croatia


Bridge that links the two halves of the old town in Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina

View from the bridge. (Isn't there a song called that?) :-)

Out to dinner in Dubrovnik, Croatia, overlooking the old town and castle

Sampling some of the local wine

Dubrovnik Castle

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