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The inevitability of time

It’s hard to believe I’ve been back in Northern Ireland for three months, exactly. Where did the time go?

Let me see... I finished the book and am now editing it and filling in bits and pieces; I’ve visited family here and in Scotland; traveled to Edinburgh for research purposes; gone to see some of Ireland’s ancient sights; climbed into the heart of the Mourne Mountains; traveled to Croatia and Bosnia; and met friends, old and new.

To my delight I’ve discovered yet more about myself that I didn’t know. It’s great when you can surprise yourself, just when you thought you knew who you were! Not all of it’s good, mind you, but as long as you walk away a little wiser, then I can live with it. I just said to my brother yesterday that I’m happier now than I ever have been. That amazes me. The past few years have not been easy, but this proves that time does make things better. My father, who is 88, says that time wasted on trivial matters is the one regret in life he has. He says you can replace lost money and possessions, but you can’t replace time. You can’t replace people either, I reminded him, but he had no comment on that.

I love time travel stories and movies. Back to the Future is one of my favorites along with Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.

Doctor Who also, of course, who says, “People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but *actually* from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint - it's more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly... time-y wimey... stuff.”  :-)

Others of note: The Butterfly Effect, and the television series Continuum.  HG Wells’ The Time Machine, book and film, and Jana Oliver's Time Rovers Series. Then there's Mark Twain’s A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court. There are so many, it's hard just to pick a few. How about a time travel (sort of) song? Brian May's '39 (Queen).

I love the what if factor, and the layer upon layer of changes that could occur from one tiny alteration in events. I suppose that’s why I wrote Time Twist, and why a time travel theme seems to run through a lot of my stories.

If you could go back in time, at least throughout your lifetime, what would you change?


New review for Time Twist

Thank you to Pam Bainbridge-Cowan of NIWA for an awesome review! :-)

"Time Twist by Lizzy Shannon is filled with: loads of conflict, fascinating aliens, strong women unwilling to be victims, secrets & intrigue, wild romance, wilder sex, large doses of violence, an unforgettable main character, and oh yes, a rift in time.

The stakes are huge, the characters bigger than life, and the action never stops. If you like fast-paced novels with characters worth caring about, and an ending that makes staying up all night worth it, then this is the book for you."


Orycon ahead

November's been a whirlwind of a month. Time Twist was released at World Fantasy, then we had the official launch party in Portland, Oregon. Now I'm about to leave for Orycon, to give my first reading from Time Twist, and to take part on a few panels. Please come and say hello... here is my schedule:

Friday 4:00pm -- 5:00pm -- Pitch it to Me
Why a cover letter? Why a synopsis? How does that compare to an outline? What's a query? What if I'm confronted with an editor face to face who asks what I'm working on? Learn how to pitch that winning novel so it gets a fair chance.

Friday 6:00pm -- 6:30pm -- Reading from Time Twist

Saturday 5:00pm -- 6:00pm -- How to Find an Agent
How to get an agent that works for you, if you really need one, and some of the things to avoid when looking for one.

Saturday 8:00pm -- 10:00pm -- Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Sunday 1:00pm -- 3:00pm -- Improv Writing
Everyone starts the first couple of lines of a story and then passes the pad clockwise. We'll continue each other's stories for about a page and then read them out loud to each other. Not specifically for writers, all welcome.

Then I'll be at Cedar Hills Crossing Powell's at 4:00pm. :-)

Here's a photo from World Fantasy in San Jose with Brian Hades of Edge Publishing.

And here's a short video of the launch party in the Elephant's in Portland.

WolfSongs Anthology

Party night

Last night some friends came round to meet Lynne, and to celebrate that Time Twist has found a home with Dragon Moon Press.  A very fun evening, with pretty diverse people mingling well.  I only overheard one person attempting to discuss Irish politics with Lynne, so I stepped in brandishing some lethal homemade plum wine, and distracted further upsetting discourse.

</a></font></b></a>ramblin_phyl  came with brother Ed, and the sweetie brought me two candles as a congratulatory gift.  (She knows what I like!)  One was a funky orange with spiderwebs over it, and the other an elegant three-hued, thrice-scented candle in a glass jar.  Then when she was heading out the door to go home, she pulled the pair of earrings she wore from her ears and handed them to me.  As they were dragons in the shape of half-moons, they were absolutely perfect!  I was thrilled. :-)

As people filtered home, we set up my karaoke player for Lynne, as she has a damn good singing voice.   We bellowed the next couple of hours away, then got in the hottub to relax.  This was Lynne's first time in a hottub, and she loved every minute of it.  At two in the morning, one of my neigbors was too inebriated to drive home, so I walked her, wheeling my bicycle so I could ride home afterwards.  It was a surreal and uplifting experience, zipping silently through the warm night, with all the mighty heart of our neighborhood lying still.
At Dunluce Castle

Time Twist accepted!

Hallelujah!  I have good news at last.  My science fiction novel, Time Twist has been accepted by Dragon Moon Press, and looks like it will be coming out sometime next year.  I am completely and absolutely gobsmackingly thrilled, I hardly know what to do with myself.  :-)

Thank you to ramblin_phyl for suggesting I try a small press, and thank you to shadowhelm, who gave me the introduction to Gwen, the editor, with high recommendations!  And thank you both for encouraging me to keep optimistic when things seemed grim.   Words are not enough to tell you how much I appreciate you.  (Sounds like an Oscar acceptance speech!  <grin>

My friend from Northern Ireland arrives tonight and I'm getting ready to go to the airport to pick her up.  What wonderful news I have to share with her! 

I'm so excited!